My dad lives at home with my two cats, and our current setup is a traditional litter box with with a hood. We use a trash bag as a liner and the fresh step crystals.

My worry is that while I’m away at school, he doesn’t change the litter often enough, he takes the 30 days to heart. I’ve read that you need more than one litter box if you have more than one cat, but I can say we’ve never had any problems.

My question to you is, are there any self cleaning litter boxes on the market that can handle two cats? I could see getting one and keeping the current box, but I would like for them to be kept in the same room. I have been looking at the new “Scoop Free” by Fresh Step ( but the user reviews I read claim that the waxy containers don’t last as long as they should, and replacements are very expensive ().

Other products I’ve seen, such as the Litter Mate, reportedly break down and gum up, the timer doesn’t wait long enough for the clumping to take place.

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