The main purpose for an automatic litter box is to clean up after your cat finishes its “business” in the box. As the name implies, the box is completely automatic, and very little human intervention is needed. 24/7, it scoops and cleans the litter tray by removing your cats waste products. The self-cleaning aspect of these automatic litter boxes will allow you to keep your sanity, and at the same time, provides a more healthier environment for you and your kitty.

Every pet owner knows that a cat litter box will develop a foul smell very quickly, and this is a by-product of your cats waste sitting in the tray too long (sometimes in a matter of hours). Bacteria starts to develop and creates an odor and an unhealthy situation that could be hazardous to both you and your cats health. Over time, the bottom of your cats litter pan will become warm and moist which is the perfect breading grounds for germs and bacteria.

As your cat visits the dirty litter box, the bacteria will get on their paws, and they will track it onto your bed, couch, counter top, dining table, etc. This is not something you want in your kitchen or living areas, and as mentioned earlier, can create a very unsanitary environment for your family. Disinfecting and cleaning your kitty’s litter box frequently will help to resolve this issue, but realistically, nobody has the time or will power to continuously monitor their cat’s call to nature. This is where an automatic litter box can save the day, and there are various boxes to choose from.

A Self cleaning litter box will keep your cats litter fresh and clean 24 hours a day 7 days a week. It will clean the litter pan while you sleep or away from the home, and will never complain about it’s job. The automatic litter boxes waste compartment will keep the waste material in a safe location (away from your cat) until ready for disposal, and it will also eliminate any stinky odors.

Maintaining an automatic litter box is as simple as 1-2-3. Just empty the waste compartment and your ready for the next “batch”. Depending on the model that you choose, you may have to occasionally clean and disinfect it. But if you want a fully automatic self-cleaining litter box, then there are a few boxes available that will actually clean itself. This type of box may cost a little more, but the benefits definitely outweigh the sticker price.

If you can afford the extra cost, automated litter boxes will help you to keep your sanity, and at the same time, provide a healthy environment for your cat and family.

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