i am planning on getting a kitten soon (female- somali) and there are a few things i could really use some help with. im pretty indecisive with these things and need some advice.. so anything would be fine. including any tips or suggestions or things i should know about.

1- my lanlord only allowed me having the cat under the condition that its declawed and neutered (so it doesnt scratch her precious "antique" floors), at first i was fine with that, didnt think much of it. but then after doing the research i found out they actually cut off a part of their fingers and all the underlying problems (moral and physical) and i just couldnt do that in a million years. i tear every time i just think about it. so what should i do?? .. i heard about those plastic coverings over the claws but i feel that would be uncomfortable for them. and i dont think i would be successful at training it (too afraid i would hit it too hard or hurt it). so any suggestions?

2- litter: i really wanna get one of those self cleaning litter boxes .. i kno they’re a bit expensive but, hey if it means no scooping… but what if the cat doesnt like it? and i havent seen a cat use one .. are they ok with it? and it is too high for a kitten or will she manage? and how do i make sure she knows to just go there (i heard about a spray technique but dont know how to do it really)

3- pet insurance- yes/no? which one? groom at home or take her to a grooming salon?

i kno you’re probably thinking that i shouldnt be getting a cat if i lack so much knowledge .. its just that there was always someone else with previous cats but this time im on my own so im kinda extra-worried.. i kno its a lot to ask but anything you can tell me will be greatly appreciated.

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