Pros and Cons!
Ive read a bunch of online reviews already but i know a zillion people read these..right?

Heres my situation as wacky as it seems…my family has 7 cats and a dog (dont judge! we rescue) My house = bad animal oder 🙁 we dont always smell it because we’re used to it, but when people come over (which is often) we dont always know how unfortunate it really is..

I dont really do presents for my birthday.. i never know what i want..BUT NOW I KNOW

We are all sick and tired of such an annoying problem in the house. By getting one or two of these, it can benefit the whole family 😀 also the "cat room" in the basement is a room that branches off of my room (i could close the door but it still is soo bad..)

Which self cleaning litter box is the best? From what i’ve seen they get pretty damn pricey.
What can be done with that?? Are there any ways around the priceyness (having 7 cats means we’d have to change the cartridge a lot!) Where can they be purchsed? (or is online the best bet) Would these not work because we have so many cats? (they’re indoor and outdoor cats)

Give as much info/experience/background details PLEASE

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