I have one cat who NEVER uses the litter box. We have had her now for a year, and out of that year, she only used the box for probably the first month we had her.She hates all four of the others cats except one. She has just recently started coming out to the living room to sleep on the dvd player (before it was under a bed always). She is nasty to my sweetest cat, who is 3.5 years old and one year older than her. She constantly attacks her any time she sees her. The other cats she will swat at during meal time if they run past her. I had to start letting her go outside, despite my wishes, because other wise she poops in the bath tub. Regardless of allowing her to go outside, she stills pees on ANYTHING that I have on the floor. Rugs for the bathroom, dirty clothes in my daughters closest, any clothes on the bathroom floor, ANYTHING and EVERYTHING. If you leave something on the floor you can be assured she will pee on it. She won’t even go near the litter box.I was worried it might be the cleanliness of the box, so I went out and bought a 0 self cleaning litter box, she STILL won’t use the litter box. She can be outside for hours, the second you let her in, she will go right over to something on the floor (like a pile of dirty clothes I am about to throw in the washer) and start sniffing them like she’s going to pee on them. The only thing I can think of is she is wayyy stressed out. Because of her sad start at life I’m sure she should really be in a home as a single pet and belong to people who are older or have no children, some place that is calm and quiet all the time and completely not like my home. What supplement can I give her to calm her down and relax her? She is stressing out my other two adult cats and sometimes they run off and are gone for days ever since she came into the picture. I have seen calming stuff put into the drinking water, but all my cats and dogs drink out of the same two water bowls so a supplement put in drinking water isn’t a great choice for me. A tablet or chew I can feed her would be great. Collars wouldn’t be good because they tend to only last a month and easily fall off if a cat goes outside and are pretty expensive. No, she doesn’t have a urinary tract problem, she is current on shots, healthy, and kept on advantage multi so there is no flea/worm problems either.

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