I got something I want to put in my room but I need an easy way to add a water line that can be manipulated(moved around walls and corners). So ya can I use vinyl tubing / hoses as water lines ?

Ps; it wont be used as drinking water, its actually going to be used as a water line for one of those self flushing self cleaning litter boxes.

Also, I guess the only concern would with this would be water pressure but the tubing I would want to use is about the size / thickness of a garden hoses as far as I can tell. But since vinyl tubing and garden hoses are made with different methods / materials the vinyl tubing might not hold up as well or whatever. Hence me asking this annoying but lengthy question, Ty.
Well, what I’m talking about is that clear vinyl tubib. Like whats used for aquarium air pumps but much larger in diameter.

No my only option is running it through some holes in the wall that I drilled. I suppose what I could do if all else fails is just use a garden hose the length of what I need it to be and just cut it to length, snake it through the holes and then re-attach the end pieces.

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