Me and my husband are thinking about bringing his chihuahua to live with us at our apartment, but since it is a small apartment, we wouldn’t have a room for the dog, so we would have to put the litter box out in the kitchen, and I don’t want the kitchen to begin to smell, so I have been wondering if we can get one of those self-cleaning litter boxes, but they all seem to be specifically for cats.. and I don’t know if there would be a problem if we use it for a dog.
It doesn’t seem like a problem to me, but I am concerned because I haven’t found any "Dog self-cleaning litter box" and I’m guessing there might be a reason for that.
Thanks for your responses.
OK, fist off, I don’t need unpolite people to be leaving their poinless rants here.
And maybe I should have mentioned that me and my husband are Medical Students.. AND, the dog is trained to go potty inside the house.. she lives at his parent’s house, and she’s perfectly fine with going potty inside. We both LOVE that dog, and treat it better than most people treat pets.. hence why I am concerned about this, and hence why the dogs isn’t here yet..
So please, be a little more polite when you answer.. we both have had pets before, we love them, and we care about them.. so don’t talk to me like I’m someone who just wants to harm a pet…
ok.. here are more details..
I do completely understand that the dog needs to go outside quite a few times a day. That, and the fact that she sheds a lot of hair have kept me from agreeing to bring her to our apartment. The house of my in-laws has a big backyard, and the dog spends most of her day outside running around and trying to cats bugs.. and then she’s brought inside at night. My apartment has a small balcony, and we could leave her out there during the day, but the thing is that Winter is coming, and we don’t spend most of the day at home. We will for sure take her out for walks at night, but I am worried about the hours when we aren’t home, and we can’t put the litter box in the restroom because it’s really small, and we wouldn’t be able to close the door, or open it for that matter, if we try to put the litter box inside.
So those are the reasons why I am wondering about the self-cleaning litter box.. it would be a helpful solution if we do decide to bring her home..

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