My spouses daughter has 3 cats. One of the first original two has consistently gone outside of the box. She added a third. Still maintains only one box for all three cats. With three cats, in my opinion, I think that she would need at least two litter boxes. And I would further recommend both to be the clumping self cleaning litter boxes. Some cats are pretty fussy where they do their duty, and will not place their feet in another’s already marked territory. That is why I believe that clumping self cleaning is necessary for this particular feline.

With that said… Here is the scenario. My spouses daughter wants to move into her home, but my spouse has 2 cats already. She is unwilling to allow a cat with problems to move into her very nice, and carpeted home. I live in a home with hardwood flooring, and ceramic tiles throughout. I live with my 6 year old english setter, who has already allowed a pregnant feral cat come into our home through her doggy door, to eat from her food dish and ultimately to be rid of fleas, given cat food and a place to birth 5 kittens who were given to ultimately good homes that were screened thouroughly by me… an unwilling but still proud, surrogate father, and a dog as a surrogate and substitute mother after the mother bailed ship after only 8 weeks.

O.K. if you are still with me, I applaud you.

My spouses daughter, given the circumstances wants to euthanize the less than 2 year old cat. With my tiled pantry, I believe that I could keep the cat isolated while I’m away and allow integration when I am here for at least a 2 week period. I would have a litter box for her alone in my pantry. I have a dog door for my pooch so after about a month of introduction to the household, the cat would have access to freedom and outdoors. There is lots of room outside and very slight traffic. My spouses daughter believes that it would be better to euthanize the cat rather than subject it to any alternatives. I strongly dissagree. I will appreciate all input and opinions. I think that the cat will have an opportunity to integrate into my household, and then possibly integrate into a larger household later, or it is possible that it may get out into the street and get run over. But if it integrates, it has a chance for life. The alternative is ultimately death, no matter how humane.

What are your thoughts or ideas?

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