I have a cat, I think she’s about 14 months old, so not really a kitten anymore. Every now and again we find that she has urinated on a random object in the house, lately, and unusually it’s been duffel/sports bags. Don’t know why she’s chosen them, but she has. About 3 times since we’ve had her (a year) she has urinated on the bed. One of these times was yesterday, and this afternoon I found she urinated on the couch. She also crapped on the floor right next to the litter box. Now, what I’m wondering is why this is happening, obviously. I have 3 possible ideas, all of which make sense and don’t at the same time.

1. My fiancee brought home a hibiscus tree a week ago. This is when this started happening. Being from a farm, I can see this causing problems once nature is brought into the house. Our other cat, 3.5 year old male, reacted poorly when plants were brought into the house. He dug in them, urinated in them, and began crapping all over. If my cat ate any of the leaves of the tree could she get sick and cause something like this?

2. We just recently received a self cleaning litter box from a friend. She got it for her cat but her cat hated it. It is possible that this box smells of another cat causing my little one to be upset. I tried setting the old litter box back up in hopes that she would use it but she has not.

3. Is it possible that this is a bladder infection? She has from time to time urinated ramdomly on objects, but it has become more often lately.

Any help would be great. This is getting really old
I haven’t seen her do it yet with my own eyes so I don’t know any other symptoms she has, i.e. if she’s crying while doing it, licking her genitals excessively, or if sometimes when she does it there isn’t any urine. I haven’t witnessed her peeing yet, I just find out about it afterwards. I do know there’s no blood in it though. She seems "alright." She is scared of me because I’ve scolded her a few times, so she sits all curled up, but she still purrs when I scratch and pet her so she doesn’t seem to be in a lot of pain.
both the cats are fixed and have been sharing a litter box for a year with no problem. The litter box is clean.

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