My husband loves household gadgets, and he’s been talking lately about getting one of those automatic, self-cleaning litter boxes for our two cats. I don’t mind cleaning up after them, but two adult male cats DO make an awful lot of . . . leftovers . . . so I’m CONSTANTLY cleaning the box, and I guess if the automatic thing worked it would be sort of nice.

The problem is I don’t hear a lot of positive reviews on these things. I know that if your cats are older (mine are 12 and 8), they have a more difficult time adjusting to it. But what really worries me are the reviews for these products that talk about making the entire house smell, or breaking, or just being too much of a hassle to clean. Since they can get sort of expensive, I’d like to get some first-hand accounts from someone who actually owns (or has owned) one.

If you have owned or do own one of these things, please tell me; was it worth it? Does it work? (What brand?)

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