Before people start telling me I am lazy… I am pregnant and my husband just deployed so it is just me and my little cat at home. When we found out I was pregnant we bought one of those self cleaning boxes, but this evening it broke and the arm is stuck 1/2 through the box. I’ve been told pregnant women should not clean litter boxes so I am stuck and not sure what to do. I definitely do not want to scoop it and I really don’t want to spend another 0+ on a self cleaning one that only lasts for a few months. Do they make an easy way to clean a litter box where you don’t actually come in contact with it? I’m going to call my doctor in the morning and see if wearing rubber gloves and a face mask is good protection (though I’ll feel quite silly… maybe I’ll get a radio active marked tub just to make it fun…), but if not I really need a good litter box solution and fast!


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