I bought a litter maid self cleaning litter box on line, a few months ago, and it recently quit working. I was in Pet Smart one day last week, and after telling him what happened, I asked a salesman for his suggestions. He told me that I could bring it back to the store, even though I didn’t even buy it there, and I could get store credit for my old one, toward the purchase of a new one. I was amazed that any company would do something so wonderful. But, today I brought my old one to the store, and all I needed was a piece of paper that I printed off the internet, which showed what I paid for the old one. They gave me credit for the entire price I paid for the old one, and the new one (a better model) only cost me ten dollars and some change. How many other companies treat their customers that way? I bet they even treat their employees that well, too! I will never buy my cat supplies anywhere else, again.
This is politics because it is about how most companies and large corporations tend to put the bottom line ahead of everything, including their customers and the people who work for them. Politics is anything that concerns the quality of life for all, whether it be moral issues, or jobs, or the economy, or poverty or any number of any issues that concern people. It is been highly unusual, in my experience to deal with a company that really cares about people, knows that you get back tenfold what you give. Too many companies are downsizing these days, or cutting benefits and claiming that the little people have to make these sacrifices so that the company can remain competative, and the little people can keep their jobs.

I just want to tell the world that I found out today, that not all companies are greedy and selfish an corrupt. And if this is not part politics, I don’t know what is.

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