My cat was taken to the vet recently for a bladder infection. He had the crystals and red blood cells. The vet gave him meds and placed him on a new diet. If the cat had recently started peeing everywhere due to this, I would blame that but he’s been doing this for as long as I can remember.

He pees on the floor, in corners, and on the couch. I’ve even considered getting plastic couch covers but I find those tacky. All the throw rugs in the house have been removed thanks to him. It’s not like we can ban him from the living room to keep the couch clean.

I hate those sprays that deter him from peeing because I have to spray the spot daily where I rather just do it once and be done with it.

The self cleaning litter box cleans it every day so it can’t be that.

How do I stop all of this and keep my couch pee free?
He’s fixed and we have another cat. Back when he lived alone with my mother, he peed as well.
If we catch him peeing on a spot and shoo him, he will keep peeing and just trail all over the floor.
The cat w/ the infection was on a dry food diet only and drank loads of water.

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