I have been wanting a cat for a while now, but lately I have been doing a bit of research. I found that Siberian cat’s don’t have or have a much lower level of the allergy inducing protein in their dander. I told my allergic mom that, but she doesn’t seem to care. She says the if we were to get another pet (we have a Wheaton Terrier) we would get a dog because:
She grew up with a dog,
We have a large home and yard,
and dogs are more friendly.
She also doesn’t like:
The Litter Box smell,
The way cats jump on the counter,
The fur,
The “unfriendly-ness”
And she’s allergic.
I explained that she might not have a reaction to Siberian cats, and with lots of affection cats can be very friendly too. I have also been doing research and found that there are self cleaning litter boxes (not all of them work so well) and you can toilet train a cat! The counter tops there’s not so much you can do about that, but you can squirt them with a mist when they do. I would love grooming my cat (I love giving my dog bath’s and grooming her) and I would help, or at least try, to help vacuum and clean up after the cat. I would also keep my cat indoors unless she had a harness and leash. If it turned out she was allergic to Siberians, I would be fine. I just want her to TRY!!!! >=( Another thing she says: “You’re just interested in cats because you’re BORED! NOOOOOO WAY! I’ve wanted a cat my whole life. Especially since my BFF just got a cat. Her cat showed me just how fun they can be…. And how much work. The reason she thinks I’m bored is because I’ve been lounging around all summer and have just recently been reading cat books and researching on-line. She makes me soooo frustrated, please help!!!

P.S. I haven’t told her abound my “researching,” I want to think up a good speech.
I was also planning on adopting a Siberian. I’ve found a couple of adoption websites that lead to adoption centers across the US, I’ve found a couple of Siberians in need of a home (not that I’m expecting to adopt a cat so soon).

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