My male kitten is not fixed but it just started that he is peeing on blankets, clothes and in my rock garden. It is so bad. I have try to keep the doors closed but he gets into the bedrooms and pees on the bed clothes and if I am doing laundry he tries to sneak up on my clean clothes. He will jump onto laundry hampers and push them over drag the clean clothes out and pee. Worst is that he has this thing for peeing on the rocks in my rock garden as if it were a litter box. I have three cats and a self cleaning litter box. He has a seperate one and only does the other mess in there. I have tried pepper, cover sprays and moth balls. He hates the moth balls but he will slap them away from where he wants to go and avoid the others. It still doesn’t cure the blanket issue. Please help!

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