Ok I have had many litter boxes, and when my cat was a kitten she had a huge litter box ( large cardboard box with clay litter, becuz she was chewing on the plastic one) Then i moved in with my Boyfriend living with his family, they had 7 cats and one litter box, I ended up buying a litter box just for her to use, as she has grown she has started throwing her litter on the floor, I will clean her box once a day maybe let it go every other day depending. But after i put new litter in her litterbox she runs over to it and moves it around, when i leave her alone and come back over half the litter is on the floor…. the box is surrounded by litter ( if i clean it up it seems like she puts more out) its getting so bad my cat will put so much out of the litterbox she will not go to bathroom…. When we moved she went from clay to tidycats multi cat. None of the cats did that,i buy the same litter as we had and everything, she is very sweet and small i just feel bad for her. I sleep all odd hours so i never can clean the litter, and seeing at the old house litter got changed maybe once every four days ( besides her box). I am about to get tub and try that. Is this her way of telling me she needs another cat? Why would she change that habit? Has anyone had this trouble before…. Almost 1/4 of the room has litter on the floor. She has also been pulling stuff in the litter box ( not going to the bathroom on it just like i found a glass doll in there today, a sock … pillows, books…. she has the whole room to her self besides when i go in there and play with her and clean…. i just find it annoying. please help…. I am sick of looking at pile of litter ( which i personally hate the brand but i was fearful of buying clay that she would not use it, I am fine with litterboxes but not animal poo on my floor ,,,, i know i am werid) But please help

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