Ok, I have a male adn female cat, and boy do they make a huge mess in the litter box, and i’ve treid all of them, the ones with lids, the self cleaning and idk what to do. I live in an apartment and work 50 hours a week, and clean up their litter box atleast 2-3 times a day and it stinks, they poop and pee sooooooo much!! I need some advice . Since i have a small apartment, i want to clean out the little room where they have taken over, bc we want to have a baby soon. So i need to find a small litter box for our bathroom. Under the sink is to small and next to the toilet is only 11 inches wide, other than that the bathroom is tiny tiny. Any advice on how to put on ein your bathroom??? does anyone have a small batheroom w/ just a sink, toilet and bathtub/shower, and have a litter box, if so what kind, size and i really want one with a lid so noone has to look at it while going to the bathroom. Thanks
First off i clean their box everday its not disgusting, im just looking for something less work for cleaning it and less of a mess, im not giving my cats up. THanks everyone that had a good idea, i think im going to put it across frmo the toilet with a huge litterbox and lid and door on it for them and try that out.

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