I could hire a sitter, but I have no leads on that in this rural area, and it’s pretty expensive to get a professional one.
I could have a friend come out and check on them, but any friend that I trust to do this is too far away, or has too many other obligations. I have a friend right on my street, yet she is allergic to cats.

I live in a small rural area, and don’t know where to begin to find a petsitter that will come to my home once or twice a day and check on my cats while we are gone.
I don’t know a lot of people around here, and the ones I do know don’t particularly like cats, are allergic, or are consumed with other responsibilities or worried about spending gas to come out here. My cats are about 10 and 15 years old, and would not do well with boarding, I can assure you! I just want someone to come out here and check on them, because even if I put them on automatic feeders and self cleaning litter boxes, something could go wrong (such as ants getting in food dishes).
Mindi, I can’t leave bowls of food around, the ants will get it! ants come out in the summer when food is left out. That is why I was going to get an automated one on a timer for their food .
I tried to bribe all my friends with money; didn’t work, unfortunately.

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