Harmful cat litter and poop? Seems answer would be obvious, but we have tried everything to keep our dog from eating cat poop! Higher areas, hard to reach places, and tricky or self cleaning box. Unfortunately nothing works and the new/improved self cleaning box requires crystal litter & is following over-strained safety guidelines to only clean 20 min. after sensor detects cats presence. Too late for my curious dog. The crystal litter is great for low odor (best I have ever used), but it seems there is no answer for keeping my dog safe from her appetite from these tootsie treats that come with harmful sprinkles. We adopted her from a dog farm/rescuer. She is a beautiful registered Weimaraner with amazing obedience, knows commands and has strict loyalty (surprising since she showed signs/reactions of abuse, was covered with ticks and rescuer was untruthful about age (said 2 but was 7 ).She is fed a high end and extremely expensive Natural Balance Limited Ingredients dog food w/ soft food alternated as treat. We had to start buying this $$$ food due to the fact she had ‘burn your eyebrows off gas’ even before the cat poop eating started (no people food, and doesn’t ask/beg for it). She is the most well mannered dog, loyal, obedient and loving. We can’t afford to reconstruct the house to accommodate cats, family and dog, so how can we keep her safe? Eating a little cat poop doesn’t concern me as much as the litter she must consume (thankfully she isn’t a kissy dog). It would be nice to stop habit altogether but main concern is protecting her from herself!

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