My cat is almost 11 years old, and is definitely litter trained. The vet says she’s as healthy as a kitten and there are no problems. A while back, I had bought a littermaid self-cleaning litter box, and I had that for 2 years until it broke. She used it just fine, although she would run and hit it everytime it started up. After my littermaid broke, I used a regular box for about 2 years. I just bought a new littermaid, and she refuses to use it! I put her regular litter box right beside it for a while to get her used to the change, but she STILL insists on peeing and pooping on our rugs all throughout the house! How do I get her to stop?

I’ve already tried picking her up and putting her in her box when I find her squatting.

I’ve tried putting her face near the poo and telling her "No".

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