This started when my momma cat was younger. We had a litter box that had a lid on it so she could have privacy. For some reason one day she started scratching the lid. We took the lid off, but then she scratched the wall and the stairs on the litter box. After she had kittens, her kittens started doing it too. At first they covered their leavings and got out. But now they scratch the sides, they scratch boxes or the the lamp, ANYTHING near the litter box they scratch. Sometimes, she doesn’t cover her stuff and just scratches! Her litter is always clean. I thought about a self-scooping litter box, but they cost so much? Has anyone else gone through this? Why is she doing this and now her kittens? What can we do? We can’t sleep at night because we have to have the litter in our room. I’m thinking of crating them at night because of it. Or getting their claws cut?
I would never declaw my cat, but some nights I think about it, lol. But that’s too cruel. We can’t move the litter because we live at my in-laws and they want it in our room. She does use her claws because she grips at the sides with them.

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