We raised our female cat from a kitten and now shes about 5 years old. We recently adopted a stray male cat estimated to be about 6-7 years old from the Humane Society because we were told he likes other dogs and cats (we also have 2 dogs). We have had the male cat for a four or so months now. Our female cat seems to want to be friends with the male now after a period of adjustment, but he HATES her. He picks fights if she comes near him ( to play or cuddle doesn’t matter). Also we have 2 liter boxes (one is an expensive self cleaning litter box we bought for the male thinking it would fix the following problem). He will use the liter box once or twice after it is cleaned, but once she uses one of them, and he can then smell her, he marks all around the edge of the large basement we keep the liter boxes in and defecates in the middle of the floor. We have tried scolding him, using anti-marking sprays, bought the expensive liter box.
We have really fallen in love with him because he is such a sweetheart with people, but he has ruined the floor in the finished basement as I am cleaning multiple piles of poo and urine on a daily basis and I can’t take it anymore. Any suggestions to get him to stop hating the female so much?
As a side note he strangely doesn’t mind the obnoxious dogs as much, sometimes he lets the poodle cuddle with him.

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