I am seriously considering a self cleaning litter box for my 2 kitties. There is, to my surprise, quite a selection out there! From what I understand, thus far~ Litter Maid is not a good choice, Scoop Free seems to have the most "good" reviews, Cat Genie & Litter Robot are ridiculous as far as price, Purrforma & Smart Scoop are kind of 1/2 & 1/2 on reviews, Litter Free company seems to either be out of business or they are now Cat Genie, Litter Sweep has mainly good reviews. . . . .

Has anyone ever tried a self cleaning litter box? Anyone have any recommendations? Honestly, my main "concern" is the smell factor~ of course I don’t enjoy cleaning litter boxes and if I can get one that will do it for me~ AWESOME! I just want to eliminate the litter box smell in my house; 2 cats= extra poo! However, I don’t want to spend $$ on a litter box that is going to die on me in a couple months.


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