I have three cats and keeping up with their litter boxes can be a little crazy, especially when I go out of town. I was hoping to hear some feedback from people who have bought an automatic cleaning litter box for their cats.

What brand did you buy for your kitties?
How much was the product?
Could you use any litter for it or did you have to switch to a specific litter?
Did you have to buy any additional items for it?
Did you like the performance?
Did your cats use it?
Did you find it was more hassle than it was worth?
What was some good and bad qualities of it (pros and cons)?
Would you recommend it?

This and any other information you can tell me about your experience with the product would be helpful. Thanks!
Thanks to everyone who answered my question. For those of you who think I don’t love my cats & shouldn’t have so many, I’m not looking for your judgment. I love my cats very much & scoop their multiple litter boxes daily. My problem is that I am not home for 2 days out of the week. My husband does not like to help me with the litter boxes. This poses a big problem for me since we are currently talking about starting a family. I was basically looking for an easier way to deal with him having to clean the litter boxes. And I am currently owned by 3 rescued, unconditional love giving, spayed & neutered, claws intact, house DLHs, who I have a screened in porch for, that they very much enjoy. So please don’t act like I view my cats as inconveniences, because I surely do not.

When I only had one cat, I tried to toilet train him. Joined the yahoo group for it and everything. We eventually got to one of the final steps and could not make the transition to only the toilet. Thanks

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