What is a good self cleaning litter box?

We have two cats in our apartment. My job is taking me out of town M-F and I am only home for the weekends. The issue is my roommate is pregnant and can’t clean the litter box and if it goes more then one day without scooping the smell makes her physically ill, What is a good, reliable self cleaning litter box that will help contain the mess and smell that only needs emptying once a week. Looking for under 0 if at all possible and something that will last a while.

Thanks 🙂

How can I get my dog to stop eating cat poo?

We have a self cleaning litter box which is emptied regularly. My dog, however, has figured out how to wedge herself between the couches (which used to deter her) and get to the box. She can now open the lid to the collecter part and eat the poo. I gotta be honest I know from the vet that the poo won’t hurt her since it’s our cat and he’s completely healthy… but the litter has to be bad for her system and she’s gotta be eating some of it. And it’s totally discusting. Does anyone out there have any suggestions. I can’t move the litter box, our apartment is super small and this is the only place I have for it.

Custom Modern Cat Hidden Litter Box Furniture

Check out my photoblog at: www.danielvalentephotography.com This is our hidden litter box and cat organizer. The piece of furniture was a 55 gallon fish tank stand we got at petco. It was nice and made out of wood laminate. We cut a hole in the side and put molding for the entrance. The cats walk down a corridor that is lined with indoor carpet to minimize tracking. They then jump down in the litter box which has a motion-activated LED light. The box has plenty of storage for all of our cat stuff.

I live in an apartment, so taking it outside and spraying it down isn’t an option. Is it possible to just give it a good scrub down inside of an apartment?? Or would I be better off with a LitterMaid.

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