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Best Automatic Litter Box 2011

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Best Large Litter Box 2010

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We raised our female cat from a kitten and now shes about 5 years old. We recently adopted a stray male cat estimated to be about 6-7 years old from the Humane Society because we were told he likes other dogs and cats (we also have 2 dogs). We have had the male cat for a four or so months now. Our female cat seems to want to be friends with the male now after a period of adjustment, but he HATES her. He picks fights if she comes near him ( to play or cuddle doesn’t matter). Also we have 2 liter boxes (one is an expensive self cleaning litter box we bought for the male thinking it would fix the following problem). He will use the liter box once or twice after it is cleaned, but once she uses one of them, and he can then smell her, he marks all around the edge of the large basement we keep the liter boxes in and defecates in the middle of the floor. We have tried scolding him, using anti-marking sprays, bought the expensive liter box.
We have really fallen in love with him because he is such a sweetheart with people, but he has ruined the floor in the finished basement as I am cleaning multiple piles of poo and urine on a daily basis and I can’t take it anymore. Any suggestions to get him to stop hating the female so much?
As a side note he strangely doesn’t mind the obnoxious dogs as much, sometimes he lets the poodle cuddle with him.

I have 2 cats. 1 is a 5 month old kitten who weighs roughly 3 – 4 lbs. The other is 2 and weighs roughly 18 – 20 lbs. He is a very large cat. I currently have for them a hooded box that measures 18inL x 15inW x 18inH, and that’s with the hood on obviously. I need something bigger! My older cat can use the one I have, but he is quite cramped. Its tall enough, just not wide or long enough. I’ve looked at a lot online, but a lot of the reviews aren’t always that great. Can anyone suggest a jumbo hooded litter box? One that you’ve actually experienced would be great! It needs to be a hooded one, because I have a small apartment and trays just don’t filter the smell. And my cats are scared of self cleaning boxes!

Also, if you can suggest a website where I could get one for a decent price, that would be cool too. 🙂 Thanks!
Well you’d lose that bet because I feed my cats Evo cat food. And I spot clean the box twice a day. Aside from the smell factor, the hooded box prevents my larger cat from throwing litter from the box, which he does with an open tray. And he likes to scratch the walls of the box when he’s done to clean his paws.
I’m not worried about the type of litter I’m using. I just prefer hooded. The height of the hood is not the issue. Its the width and length.

This started when my momma cat was younger. We had a litter box that had a lid on it so she could have privacy. For some reason one day she started scratching the lid. We took the lid off, but then she scratched the wall and the stairs on the litter box. After she had kittens, her kittens started doing it too. At first they covered their leavings and got out. But now they scratch the sides, they scratch boxes or the the lamp, ANYTHING near the litter box they scratch. Sometimes, she doesn’t cover her stuff and just scratches! Her litter is always clean. I thought about a self-scooping litter box, but they cost so much? Has anyone else gone through this? Why is she doing this and now her kittens? What can we do? We can’t sleep at night because we have to have the litter in our room. I’m thinking of crating them at night because of it. Or getting their claws cut?
I would never declaw my cat, but some nights I think about it, lol. But that’s too cruel. We can’t move the litter because we live at my in-laws and they want it in our room. She does use her claws because she grips at the sides with them.

They are littermates, live strictly indoors, are very well-adjusted. We use the same litter that we have for the past five years (this has only happened in the last six months). They also have received a clean bill of health from the vet. We have two litterboxes (one that self-cleans, and the other we have to clean which we do twice a day). They use the self-cleaning one the most, when they don’t mess outside of the boxes. We’re pondering getting an additional self-cleaning box in addition to the one we already have. Does this sound like it would take care of the problem? Their boxes are in a quiet extra bedroom in the house where they are not disturbed, so noise/distractions do not seem to be an issue there. Territorial, maybe?
They are two females – spayed at six months

How can I reduce the smell of the cat litter box?

I’m moving into a studio apartment with my boyfriend, and my cat (currently living with my parents while I’m in a dorm) will be moving in too. Being a small space, I know that any smell generated by the litter box will quickly spread, even though he is very good about burying, having grown up in the wild. Are there any specific types of boxes (automatic or self-cleaning for example), or types of litter that would help to reduce smell? Watch this video featuring the LitterMaid Elite Basic Automatic Self-Cleaning Litter BoxAutomatic Litter Box from product and shop other products on Featured in the video: [1] LitterMaid Elite Basic Automatic Self-Cleaning Litter Box – Automatic Litter Box from

What can I do about an automatic litter box?

I have 2 cats, and we recently invested in a PetSafe Simply Clean Self Cleaning Litter Box. I’ll post the link below in case that will help. Overall, the litter box works very well. It basically is always moving, very slowly. It does a great job of catching all of the "# 2’s", but the litter seems to get ruined by the urine. It gets broken up into little pieces and are all through the litter. I am not sure exactly why this is happening because they clumps are not small enough to fall through cracks on the ramp that leads to the container.

One thing I have noticed is that the cats seem to dig to the bottom and pee on the plastic, because when i scoop the bits out, there is a lot stuck to the bottom of the box. i tried using Pam this last time, and it did nothing. Any Ideas out there, or tips with these boxes? Thanks!
Right now I am using Tidy Cats Multiple Cats. I have thought about switching, but never knew what to get.
Also, The litter box just says to use a clumping litter. It is not very specific.
Forgot the link:

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