Im 35 weeks pregnant and i have a feeling im gonna have my baby very soon. My two male cats have been acting up the past 5 days, they will pee in the laundry basket, the water bowl, on the dogs pillow…and thats all i know of for now. My cats have never done this before, they are litter box trained, i have had one for 3 years and one for 2 years. We do have a female cat that was in heat, but she is a downstairs cat, she never comes upstairs. both my male cats are fixed. My question is, could my cats be acting up because i could go into labor soon? I know it sounds weird, but i just dont understand, there have been no major changes, and there litter box is always clean, we have a self cleaning litter box.

In a household of two male cats, one of them (2 years old) is peeing around the litter box, but not in it. he goes number two inside of it though. It is the "Litter Robot 2" which works great by the way! At first all the cats used it no problem, we had a couple female cats move in for a short while, at the same time as we moved the litter robot downstairs. That’s when my cat started peeing and pooping in the basement. he cant get down there now, but chooses to pee in front of the litter box, then runs away because he knows its bad. I bought litter which claims to "attract" cats, its not working. Can anyone help?

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