What is a good self cleaning litter box?

We have two cats in our apartment. My job is taking me out of town M-F and I am only home for the weekends. The issue is my roommate is pregnant and can’t clean the litter box and if it goes more then one day without scooping the smell makes her physically ill, What is a good, reliable self cleaning litter box that will help contain the mess and smell that only needs emptying once a week. Looking for under 0 if at all possible and something that will last a while.

Thanks 🙂

What can I do about an automatic litter box?

I have 2 cats, and we recently invested in a PetSafe Simply Clean Self Cleaning Litter Box. I’ll post the link below in case that will help. Overall, the litter box works very well. It basically is always moving, very slowly. It does a great job of catching all of the "# 2’s", but the litter seems to get ruined by the urine. It gets broken up into little pieces and are all through the litter. I am not sure exactly why this is happening because they clumps are not small enough to fall through cracks on the ramp that leads to the container.

One thing I have noticed is that the cats seem to dig to the bottom and pee on the plastic, because when i scoop the bits out, there is a lot stuck to the bottom of the box. i tried using Pam this last time, and it did nothing. Any Ideas out there, or tips with these boxes? Thanks!
Right now I am using Tidy Cats Multiple Cats. I have thought about switching, but never knew what to get.
Also, The litter box just says to use a clumping litter. It is not very specific.
Forgot the link:


Do you have a self cleaning litter box?

Does it make your life so much easier?

Which brand/type do you have?

After 11 years of cleaning a litter box every morning…I’m sick of it! 🙂 Do these self cleaning ones really work and make the job easier?

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