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The Litter-Robot, Automatic Litter Box:

Very nice automatic litter cleaner. “Sasha” demonstrates the proper use of the Litter-Robot. The Litter-Robot is an amazing automatic litter box that really works.

How to keep my dog out of the litter box?

I have a Giant Schnauzer- so he’s tall and a litter box with a top opening won’t work. Neither will putting the litterbox on a counter or in the bath tub. My Giant can open doors as well 🙂 and I don’t wanna lock my kittens up when I have to go somewhere. Oh- he can jump over baby gates and my kittens can’t jump over anything like that yet. This is my predicament.

I saw the clean step dome litter box today an was thinking it looked like a good solution but I’m not sure. I cannot buy a self cleaning litter box yet- so I wanted to see if there were any other suggestions for me.

I want to buy a litter box that will be hard for my dog to get into.

Thanks! Please don’t suggest me crating my dog, because that’s not a solution.
Yeah- it is MUCH easier to train a 12 week old puppy than a 5 year old dog who waits to go in the litter when we are gone.

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