What is a good self cleaning litter box?

We have two cats in our apartment. My job is taking me out of town M-F and I am only home for the weekends. The issue is my roommate is pregnant and can’t clean the litter box and if it goes more then one day without scooping the smell makes her physically ill, What is a good, reliable self cleaning litter box that will help contain the mess and smell that only needs emptying once a week. Looking for under 0 if at all possible and something that will last a while.

Thanks 🙂

Do you recommend self cleaning litter boxes?

I have 2 5 year old cats, and will be moving in with a roommate who has a dog. I’m thinking about getting a self cleaning litter box, but have never used one before and I’m worried that my cats might be scared to use it. Do you recommend purchasing the self cleaning box for adult cats who are not used to them?

Which self-cleaning litter box should I get?

I have to travel a bit for work and to make caring for the cats easier on my roommate I thought I would be a good idea to get a self-cleaning litter box. Any insight on which one is the best?

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