I have never been satisfied with my cat’s litter box. I have tried every single kind of litter which my kitty probably hates me for though she doesn’t seem to outwardly mind. I’ve cleaned it with chlorine, kitchen soap, put newspaper down, tried washing the surrounding area weekly, washing the scooper… But some how I’m still not happy with it. So what do all you guys do when it’s that time of the month (or you know hopefully the week) to clean the cat box?

Looking for some tips that might make things easier. I’ve found that since putting newspaper down the bottoms a lot easier to clean but I’m not exactly sure how much litter to put each time?

And what’s your position on clumping litter? Yeh or neh?

And really what in the world are the differences between all the different types?

Do you use a special soap?

Share with me anything you’ve discovered over the years xD

And I heard self cleaning litter boxes were horrible?

And is that silicon litter stuff really any better?
I like it because it doesn’t clump and it makes things look alot dirtier which makes me clean it more.

What do you think about the different prices on litter?

Do you do anything about your cats feet or rump after she uses the litter box? I have a long haired cat and I usually have to cut her back side because her poo will get stuck in her fur.

Any help is great and thanks for taking the time to answer =3
I scoop it out about every day =3
Also what do you do with the poo? What kind of bag do you use, just the super market plastic bags?

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